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Although I could have made other decisions, my decisions, too, are ordinary.

I believed I wouldn't have a happy marriage because I didn't think I would have a happy life.

This part of my story is just a variation of the cliché of a man proposing because he has been given an ultimatum.

When you have a marriage that begins this way and you have a personality like mine, there are bound to be problems.

Suddenly, I started being annoyed that she didn't shave all the way up her thighs.

It was a while before I saw Tom's wife, Lauren, after he disclosed his affair to me.

My mother is mentally ill, and growing up with her had left me with shame and fear and anxiety.

Around this time, the first of my friends confessed his adultery.

One of the things women don't realize is that most married men live in a culture of adultery. Part of this is based on boyhood ideas of not snitching.

Part of it, however, is based on a more cynical motive: If we were to tell our wives, they would begin watching us more closely, and as most of us married men keep in mind the possibility that one day we too will have an affair, to tell our wives would be to diminish this chance.

We were standing in the back of a darkened hall, watching someone give a speech.

Tom* had a glass of wine in his hand, and he had come from another reception and appeared pretty buzzed. He said she worked in the hotel business and so had access to rooms.

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