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This page provides detailed steps to troubleshoot onboarding issues that might occur when deploying with one of the deployment tools and common errors that might occur on the machines.

If you have completed the onboarding process and don't see machines in the Machines list after an hour, it might indicate an onboarding or connectivity problem.

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When onboarding machines using the following versions of System Center Configuration Manager: Deployment with the above-mentioned versions of System Center Configuration Manager is done by running the onboarding script on the machines.

If the onboarding completed successfully but the machines are not showing up in the Machines list after an hour, see Troubleshoot onboarding issues for additional errors that might occur.

Check the result of the script on the machine: If the message of the error is: System error 577 has occurred.

You can use Microsoft Intune to check error codes and attempt to troubleshoot the cause of the issue.

If you have configured policies in Intune and they are not propagated on machines, you might need to configure automatic MDM enrollment.

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