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(e303c&S)n^, from the S.^rrf^, first, and HTH, respect). Under him the Muhtadh held a Court for the adjudication of offences against morals — as drunkenness, gambling, &c. Adippukkuli, T&m.{Si\Kj.\-ii.\Sc ci'ji'^) The Civil Court of the Diwan, the chief officer in charge of the revenue of the principality. Faujddri Addlat (l S^Iac ^_5-,l Ly»-y) The Court of the Faujdar, or chief of the magistracy and police of a district ; the Subordinate, or District Criminal Court. Addlat ul Kdzi (^_J-ols JI t JI^Uc) The Court of the Kdzi, the chief judge of a tovra or district in civil causes and questions regarding the Mohammedan religion. Many printed documents, of the first Importance as to their subjects, and upon which very great expense has been incurred by the Company, have been rendered almost useless by the innumerable inaccuracies which disfigure almost every page. The collection, for example, known as Selections from the Judicial and Revenue Records, in four folio volumes, containing many most important and valuable documents, is all but spoiled by the perpetual recurrence of such errors as Lokar and Sokar for Lohar; Sale for Lai; Derk and Desh for Berh ; Pottar for Pot-ddr ; Swinjammy iox Sarivjami ; Kadarnaibh . Admarj Ii, Hindi (^^TSTT^) A term used in leases, signi- fying failure from drought. Lands held by individuals of low caste and artisans under grants from persons of rank and property. (^(—©se^an Dl—) A field, cote, or place where goats or sheep are penned, for the sake of their manure. Those languages will but imperfectly prepare the Bengal •civ IHan for Hindi, Bengali, and Panjabi : they will be of equally little avail In the peninsula for the Interpretation of terms pertaining to Tamil, Telugu, Karndta, and Malayalim ; and they will but lamely help the Bombay servant over the intricacies of Marat M and Guzerathi, to say nothing of SIndhi and Marwari. (i_f U) Patrimonial, descending from paternal ancestors (land, property). Abdd karna means, to introduce or extend cultivation or population, to settle, to people ; whence may arise a claim to property through descent from the Abdd-kdr, the originator or founder. Performance of appropriate duties in different stages of life, &c. Even with the scale of acquirements extended as far as may be reasonably expected, the great variety of the prevailing forms of speech in India renders It impossible, perhaps, that even all those which would be of service may be so mastered, that words derived from them will always convey the meanings they bear independently of such explanation as is to be looked for from a Glossary or a Lexicon. As the second member of a compound Abdd often denotes a city, as Ahbar-dbdd, the city of Ahbar, or Agra, which he made his capital ; Aurang-dbdd, the city of Aurang-zeb ; Murshid-dbdd; the city of Murshid Kuli Khan, Gover- nor of Bengal, by whom it was enlarged and embellished ; Shdhjahdn-dbdd, the city of Shdhjahdn, or Delhi ; with many others of Mohammedan origin and improvement. It is also used in composition with terms limiting its applica- tion, as Kuldchdr, family usage ; Desdchdr, custom of the country ; Matdchdr, practice of any particular sect ; Nitydchdr, invariable observance ; Suddhdchdr, ceremo- nial purity ; Vnddhdchdr, old established custom.

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It may sometimes, perhaps, be assigned to a pedantic affectation of conversancy with the native languages, but it may more frequently be attributed to indolence — to a reluctance to take the trouble of ascertaining the proper sense of the word, and of seeking for a suitable equivalent, even where such an equivalent is at hand, and where the original term denotes nothing peculiar or technical. (.g L^OOT^ ^[email protected]{3C3L_U_16LIOT ^^OCTSCTSSOT) A proprietor, an owner, a landlord, an heir or inheritor. (=i|U^UUI_l_©ip Gr5^6^) Waste or sweepings at the foot {.adi) or bottom of a stack of straw ; a band of straw tied round a stack of grain to prevent the clandestine removal of any part of it. (A.^ji^l, greatest), A superior Court of Justice ; a Court of Appeal. The causes of their transfiguration are easily understood : they may have been written down by the European functionary from native enunciation, agreeably to his conception of the sound, without advertence to the original characters, the only guides entitled to re Hance : the ear is far from accurate, particularly the Eng Hsh ear, which is unaccustomed to a definite system of pronunciation in its own alphabet, especially as regards the vowel sounds. The consequences are, an entire misrepresentation of the original spelling, and a total want of consistency, the very same word being written in every possible variety of orthography.

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