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Send a Facebook Messenger message to Skyscanner, chat with the bot, and it will help you search for flights.

In addition to giving you the ability to type a destination, departure airport, and dates to search for flights, it also give you ideas on the cheapest destinations from your nearest airport.

You can ask Ana simple questions, such as what destinations Copa Airlines flies to or what Copa’s baggage allowances are, and she will respond within your web browser.

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In some ways, though, these bots just offer users a different interface for doing the same thing (check out the comparison below of a hotel search on Expedia’s website versus the same hotel search through Expedia’s Facebook Messenger bot). system pick out and deliver a gift for you, but does it know your spouse’s tastes? platforms that use instant messaging as the application interface, are programmed so that they mimic human conversation.In a previous article, we discussed in more detail how these chatbots are developed. One industry in which chatbots are booming is the travel industry. A common type of travel bot is the customer service bot that accompanies a travel chain’s website or a travel booking site. They are far from intelligent and might invoke the same kind of rage that you get when you are on the phone with an automated customer service system for an hour and you help users navigate a company’s website efficiently and answer some common questions. K.-based site that allows users to book beach holidays by searching for the best hotel and flight deals, has Alison—a virtual chatbot who is (obviously) available to you around the clock and can answer hundreds of common user questions.If your sound is on, she will vocalize her answers, too.Julie can help you with booking reservations, navigating the Amtrak website, and learning about the train stations.

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