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You will learn to understand the importance of your Cyber Security role as a user of IT & OT (Operational Technology) systems and how to protect yourself and your organisation against cyber security threats.

Prof Kevin Jones at Plymouth University comments on the issue of Maritime Cyber Security, the very real threats this poses to maritime economies, and the vectors, methods and motives of the attacks.

To raise awareness, researchers at Plymouth University have filmed this scenario on one of the university’s ship simulator, while researching technological and policy-based solutions.

Somali pirates employed hackers to infiltrate a shipping company’s computer system, to identify vessels passing through the Gulf of Aden with valuable cargos.Presentation will cover: Vulnerable on-board systems: Propulsion and engine controls (ICS, SCADA, Remote management) Cargo management (RFID, Tracking systems) Navigation and positioning systems (AIS GPS, ECDIS) Communication systems (Nav Tex, VSAT, WII, Email, Vo IP) Crew and passenger management and welfare systems Alarm and access control systems A number of recent high-profile attacks in the Maritime industry.These include: Ships have been fooled in GPS spoofing attacks Hackers have recently shut down a floating oil rig by tilting it.A group of drugs smugglers hacked computers connected to a major port, to delete the shipping records of the containers used to smuggle contraband. Today is Cyber Monday, but you already know that: you’ve been up for hours (after a full night’s sleep) watching sales pour in steadily as your customers wake up time zone by time zone to snag deals in your store.

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