Dating after living together

The ruler of your sign, the planet Those who have rheumatological problems, in the summer months should think about how to strengthen health.

Try not to lose physical activity, do exercises, lose weight.

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Be sure to plan some trip, a change in geography will cheer you up.

If you want to take a more perspective position at work, there is a good chance that you will be presented with such an opportunity. This month Leos will have good health and a positive attitude.

Think about reducing weight and increasing physical activity.

Communication with the lover or with the spouse will bring a lot of positive emotions.

And if you have not yet managed – to create a harmonious love relationship, the stars will do everything for you to make it happen. Taurus would like to improve the financial component of their lives, but so far everything remains at the same level, no change is foreseen. In the Taurus health house there is a beneficial planet Jupiter, so there is no problem.

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