Dating coke button signs

All four seasons are depicted on the four edges of tray. Two chips on face of tray, one under pink glove, one at bottom of umbrella handle.

This tray is called the "Umbrella Girl" tray and although this one was printed in the U. Servez Coca-Cola Delicieux Rafraichissant was made for the French Canadian market in Quebec Canada.

"for HOSPITALITY serve COCA-COLA 6- BOTTLE CARTON 36 CENTS plus deposit 2 cents per bottle.

Made for the French Canadian market in Quebec, Canada.

it was never distributed there and is considered a "Canadian" tray.

This tray is as close to mint as you can get with just very minor edge nicks.

UP for auction is a rare find this is a 36 inch button Coca Cola sign from the 1949-1955 It says Coca Cola and underneath says REG US PAT OFF.

The dating is an estimate from research and personnel knowledge from the previous owner.

I took lots of photos to show condition The edges at the top and the bottom have some scratches and spots of enamel missing w it was screwed to the metal framework which is in four locations.I acquired the sign from an old local business who years ago decided to us this Coke sign to advertise shoes .It was coated with a thick white Latex paint which I removed to discover the beautiful enamel red coke sign you see in the pictures . In my 34 years as a full time dealer and having attended Coca-Cola conventions, many major U. I can not find this lamp in any of my Coca-Cola guides. This coupon was found in the back of a framed photo that came out of a storage locker auction recently. It even has the border with the staple holes from the magazine. Has beautiful (sunburst) bottle that looks like the bottle is popping out of the sign. ENJOY COKE on one side with DRINK COCA-COLA on the other. I have spoken to a couple of long time dealers one of whose specialty was Coca-Cola memorabilia and he told me that in his 40 years he doesn't remember ever seeing another one.

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