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Primates were always capable of understanding chatter, shrieks and roars when they stumbled into alien territories; they would soon understand their mistake, and if involuntary they would either back away or, if voluntary, they would grow hostile.Unlike humans, monkeys always understood their rivals, perhaps because they didn’t possess a person’s ability for thought or speech, and only relied on their trusted vital instincts, hence nothing got in their way. The term “Arrogance” may seem harsh to some, and maybe it is.Countries that have lived under any foreign occupation or dominance have a natural and often exaggerated reluctance to being lectured to or bullied by stronger nations.Conservatism among Filipinos is comparable to liberal ideologies in other parts of the world.Being almost systematic it was handled by career civil servants who used history experts, linguists, and local citizens, as well as spies for intelligence gathering and testing before reaching conclusions.When a test didn’t work out, it usually detonated a crisis.But today’s diplomats use computer models and language translators. Lapid using to translate the English version in tagalog or kapangpangan by his assistant for him to easily understand.

Apparently as monkeys evolved into human beings they not only lost their tail but also their ability to co-exist with different species.

They try to balance their own ignorance with unsubstantiated opinions, political correctness and pandering to their own particular interests – a recipe that can only yield bad results.

The foremost error most politicians and world leaders make is their failure to comprehend that there are no universal concepts.

The plain and simple fact is that nations and people just don’t reach understandings because they are too involved discarding other opinions that they don’t understand or even try to understand, while trying to ram their ideas over someone else’s.

Understanding each other used to be a skill called diplomacy.

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