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When you see a model walking down the runway, backstage there’s usually a chalkboard that says, “Look fierce! It was only since I've been on TV for so many years that people got to see that I'm three-dimensional. I'm appreciative of all the people around me who helped me get to the place where I am and continue to stay here. Many, many years ago I used to be a fit model—the one that was not hired for the actual job, but tried on all of the stuff while it was being made.


I always want my swimwear to work for many body types because we aren’t all the same size. " Now it’s a game changer because you don't need to hold it yourself and you can figure out how you want to lay and how to get your legs in there, and all that stuff. Sometimes when I shoot with professional photographers and they have side lighting, I'm like, "Why are you doing that? Pictures look the best when they’re lit from the front or the back. I love to play music on the beach, so I always have a little Beats Pill.Sometimes I push the envelope a little bit more than others would or he would.Ultimately my designs come from my head and from my heart, though. Not everyone wants to wear basics with a little twist. Heidi Klum is one of those rare, near-mythical humans who still looks exactly the way she did two decades ago, flapping her angel wings up and down the Victoria’s Secret runway. And following her 45 birthday earlier this summer, Klum has adopted a decidedly refreshing perspective on aging.“I don't really think about getting older that much — I mean, know it’s happening to me, it's happening to all of us,” she says.

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