Expat dating middle east

I have spoken to recruiters of packages at close to 100,000 US$.In the centre you have Riyadh, the capital city, and like most capitals it has a large selection of restaurants, parks, coffee shops and as with most big cities, is crowded and a nightmare for traffic!But, even in the time I have been here, these processes have got far easier.The key here is to expect things to take a long time.In the west is Jeddah; perhaps the most open part of Saudi.Jeddah has many things going for it including being on the Red Sea, which is great for divers and also has great private beaches, historic architecture, and a good selection of restaurants.In love with technology but desperate to keep hold of its traditions.

The biggest problem for me in this country is the bureaucracy; applying for work visas, bringing family across and getting the visa to travel in and out of the country.There is a large youth population here, and a growing need to take part in the world-wide community, so there is a thirst for English, and therefore for English teachers.Mostly, the jobs will be for colleges and universities, or working with workers who need English for the workplace.Expect to receive between 11,000 – 20,000 SAR a month (about £1,850 – £3,350).This salary often comes with added benefits such as housing and medical insurance, and is always tax-free.

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