Getting back into dating for men

Maybe what i'm stating is glaringly obvious, and maybe it's also a product of where I am (NYC), and my age group (25) or maybe I just got so used to how down to earth and real my ex was, that this is all kind of just funny to me.

I'm not necessarily complaining about this, and I am positive that guys do it too...

I've been with my SO for about six months now from meeting on OKC. I also realized that attachment is simply not worth it, especially if you break up and end up being depressed for months over a cheater.

Dated this girl for a little over 3 years (from age 18-21) and while I was getting back into dating i realized that I wasn't ready to date again.

I told myself that I wasn't going to actively search for a girlfriend other than using tinder.

A couple years later an amazing women came into my life and we've been dating for a while now.

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But holy hell guys, it's ok to admit you like someone. And it's alright to admit you'd like to have someone to hold while watching a movie.

The single game is brutal and turns me into a person I don't really like. That's when I first started online dating and it worked out well for me. I'm sufficiently removed enough from society to have established a culture around myself.

For me personally: that the bar/club scene was not for me to meet anyone. I don't get socially anxious and generally come off as a Martian which some people are receptive to. If you fill out your profile well, have a variety of accurate photos, and answer questions truthfully, you'll find someone worth your time. That I should have trusted my instincts instead of my gf.

Just got out of a 2 year relationship, that was pretty stifling, hindsight is 20/20, but it is what it is. Jumping back into the dating pool, it's actually kind of ridiclous how every girl I meet HAS to have some weird quirk, or has to go out of her way to be different in some way.

It all just strikes me as inauthentic and fake, a really slim veneer that masks insecurity and lack of confidence, and everyone is trying so hard.

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