Is daniel radcliffe still dating rosie coker

When contacted, Miss Darke's father Ian told Mail Online: 'I'm now allowed to comment'.Life & Style reported last week: 'Erin thought it was a real relationship, going as far as introducing Daniel as her boyfriend.'He’s flown her out to London and taken her on dates and spent plenty of time with her in NYC, but Daniel just up and left New York without a second thought. 'In August, Radcliffe was seen on a night out on London's King's Road with a Erin Drake were seen spending intimate time together during the Sundance Film Festival.

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He is currently filming his new movie, Horns, based on the best-selling novel by Joe Hill, in which he plays a young man who wakes up one morning with a hangover and a set of horns growing out of his head.Still, when Radcliffe discussed Coker, 23, the relationship sounded pretty solid.And the Potter star even talked marriage, praising Coker for putting up with him and worrying in interviews that she didn’t know what she was in for dating him.In happier days earlier this year, Radcliffe said:“I’m a mess around the house. I become obsessed with things (fantasy football, most recently).And she listens to it, and she loves me for my oddness, my awkwardness – all of those things that I hate about myself.”“I hated dating, because I’m crap at it!

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