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She was clearly inebriated, slurring her words, swaying.As they talked she put her hand on his forearm, then moved her hand to his upper back and started stroking him lightly, he said.“I trust that while the investigation proceeds, Assemblymember Garcia will respond appropriately and in a way that fortifies the Legislature’s effort to create a new climate,” Rendon said in a statement.“As in other cases, while the investigation moves forward, I am also asking Assembly Human Resources to reach out to Assemblymember Garcia’s staff to ensure they feel safe in their work environment.” Garcia previously has demanded swift action against at least one fellow lawmaker accused of sexual harassment.“The details of these claims have never been brought to my attention until today.” Fierro said he fears the allegations could undermine efforts to combat sexual harassment.“The #Me Too movement is incredibly powerful, important and necessary,” he said.“It was then the Committee’s job to determine the appropriate next steps,” Calderon said, in an emailed statement.

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The assemblyman reported it to the Rules Committee in January.

Jennifer Ann Mc Carthy is an American model, actress, and an anti-vaccine activist.

The multi-faceted personality has also worked as a screenwriter and a television show host.

“The substance of what Cristina has said on these issues is absolutely legitimate.

Shortly after she was named the Playboy Playmate of the year in 1994, Jenny Mc Carthy quickly swung to instant fame and remained there.

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