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Went to the Lefferts movie house and the old Casino on Liberty ave. Remember the old Fulton Flyer at Liberty and lefferts.

My great grandfather, Ronald Gillies, moved his family from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Richmond Hill sometime after 1910. Manuella), Francis, Richard/Duncan, Florence, Vincent. Albert Campbell, the recording star was my great grandmother's brother. For many years prior, it was well know as the Vaudeville House of Long Island.

The doorman / ticket taker would take your ticket, tear it in half, give you half and put the other half into the collection stand.

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In the basement could also be found the large water cooled air conditioning plant with a blower room and blower that would stand many stories high.It took all your strength to open the door to the room with the system on.My fondest memories of that point in time was when I had the honor of meeting Bob Hope and Lucille Ball, who made a stage appearance for their movie.And although The RKO Keiths has landmark status it is sad that it will never again be as it once was. Meredith Is there anyone who may assist me w/a digital camera?I am, however, grateful and honored to have been part of such a most glorious point in time. While there I was introduced to a Viet Cong soldier who wanted to show off his "treasures" from the Viet Nam war. I also remember Miss Clark-Duff, Miss Mc Guirk, Mr. I used to live at 85-44 111th st between myrtle and 86th ave. I used to live in Richmond Hill and would appreciate info on my OLD HOUSE.

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