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“This applies, for example, to the use of nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates,” explains Professor Henriette Uhlenhaut.She is group leader at the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity of Helmholtz Zentrum München (IDO) and the Gene Center of LMU.Visit our Discover section to find out what makes us much more than just a library.Here is our current list of available preowned machines.As one of Europe's leading research universities, LMU Munich is committed to the highest international standards of excellence in research and teaching.Building on its 500-year-tradition of scholarship, LMU covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the humanities and cultural studies through law, economics and social studies to medicine and the sciences.

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“Another biologically exciting finding is that, contrary to expectations, the key regulator is not centrally located in the brain, but is in fact the internal clock of the muscle cells themselves.” In the long term, the authors will investigate the mechanisms also in humans and try to find a way for therapeutic interventions.

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“We measured everything, from DNA binding to gene expression and metabolites,” says Kenneth Dyar, explaining the researchers’ comprehensive approach.

Building upon previous studies, the scientists studied the synthesis and breakdown of fats and proteins over 24 hours – an approach that might also be interesting for athletes.

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