Leigh valentine love and dating sevice

The red dress is obviously perfect for Valentine’s Day, but would also be a fabulous option for a Holiday party or gathering and is most certainly office appropriate!You can also wear the red dress all year long, as well.Every time I stop into my local Gordmans store I’m greeted with fresh pieces that I can’t wait to add to my closet!If I HAD to choose which outfit was my favorite, I would probably pick this one, because not gonna lie, I feel pretty darn confident in this dress!Because whether you’re celebrating with a significant other or your Gal Gang, a girl has every right to look fabulous and feel confident, right?!Today I’ve teamed up with Gordmans to bring you two looks that would be perfect for a snazzy V-day dinner date; featuring a black off the shoulder dress and a bold red drop waist dress with ruffle hem! I cannot believe that it’s the last day of January – 2018 is already flying by!

The goal of the study was to test the idea that women will avoid giving birth on days with negative associations (Halloween = witches, ghosts, and death) but will aim to give birth on days with positive associations (Valentine’s Day = hearts, love, and baby-faced cherubs). October 31st show a significant dip – there were 11.3% fewer births on Halloween – while Valentine’s Day shows a spike – an average of 5% more births on that day.And while it’s a fabulous piece, I wanted to jazz it up just a tad for Valentine’s Day inspiration!So I added my favorite leopard bomber – that’s on sale btw! I typically opt for nude shoes, as they make my legs look longer, but I love the way the black heels made this outfit pop.I must be making up for lost time because in just the past month or so I’ve added three red pieces to my wardrobe.I fell in love with this dress right when I spotted it!

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