Mage xx poto andkatha

and encouraged his former pains and studies, will not be disappointed in these now offered : and presumes, that the further knowledge of this part of English history will not be disagreeable to them, as well as it may be useful and beneficial to those of this Church and kingdom, and enter- taining also to all persons inquisitive into the transactions about religion in those critical times, (so memorable, when the corruptions of the Church and churchmen began to be looked into,) and the progress made therein in those three reigns. shall be a very convenient person " to be in the said commission.

But I must let my reader know, that I did not intend, when I took this work in hand, to write a complete Eccle- siastical History under those three supreme governors of this land, and of all the occurrences and events of religion and the Church in their reigns ; for that hath been done, or endeavoured by some historiographers already. Form of the peace drawn up by the Cardinal between the two Kings. The more speedily that it " be done, the more shall it be to your Grace's honour.

ECCLESIASTICAL MEMORIALS, RELATING CHIEFLY TO RELIGION, AND THE REFORMATION OF IT, SHEWING THE VARIOUS EMERGENCIES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, UNDER KING HENRY VIII. And if *' with rigor I should have made process against them, " without fail I should have made a commotion among the ** people, whom they had before provoked." And here inserting his advice, what was convenient to be done in this difficulty, he added, " that if his Lordship " should quietly have this administration, there were no *' mo remedies, but the French King must by his letters " charge the Bishop Elect to be content, and suffer this ad- " ministration, nor to resist : or else if these officers saw " the French King's letters favourable to his [Wolsey's] ad- " ministration, all they would immediately obey." And this he thought the best course to prevent further not to pro- . " marvellous great trouble, his Grace should never have profit.

And perhaps it may be no improper matter of contemplation to your Grace, in your high place and calling, in order to your government of this Church under his Majesty King George, to observe the method and course taken in those times, in the cause of religion, by holy divines and bishops, and especially your incomparable predecessor Archbishop Cranmer ; who by his wisdom, learning, and pains, was so active and successful in reforming and re- storing religion in the two former princes' reigns, and which cost him his blood in the third. The Cardinal acting in the King's matrimonial cause. " Subscribing, Your Chaplain, and daily headman, " Richard Sampson, Priest." This letter was superscribed.

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REMARKS AND OBSERVATIONS MADE OCCASIONALLY, OF PERSONS IN CHURCH AND STATE, OF EMINENT NOTE IN THAT KING'S REIGN; AND PARTICULARLY OF THE TWO ENGLISH CARDINALS, WOLSEY AND POLE. Wherefore they had instantly desired to have a Annoisis. sit, qtiod idem Episcopus ad ecdesiain ipsam re- " dire contemnit, quando per procuratorem acccpit posses- " sionem. Verba " denique praescripti sunt haec prope finem : de residuis " il Usfructihus, et proventibus, tam quos hactenus perce- " pisti, et qui post dicti Electi decessum proveniunt.late keeper of the Tower records, deceased : he also favoured me with free access to them, remaining then in his chambers in the Inner Temple; but now removed to a library erected in the same Temple, for the repositing and preserving them. His instructions to him concerning the King of Den- mark j beaten out of his kingdom. 29 « personages, and daily with such, as if I were not in your CHAP. " in that room, it should not be to your Grace's honour.The office of Heralds hath a treasury of most valuable papers; whence also, by their continued favour, I have taken not a few copies for my turn. of ecclesiastical affairs, sometime belonging to the famous martyrologist, John Fox; and that by the kindness of a gentleman that was executor to the said Fox's last descendant, deceased. perusal of divers notable state letters, or of more private cor- respondence between persons of the highest rank and quality in Church and Court, preserved in the house of a gentleman of quality, descended from a secretary of the Lord Trea- surer Burghley, under Queen Elizabeth. Roger Morice, a minister, deceased, gave the like assistances. " And little shall they accept or regard my doings with " them, cum in hac nostra estate, inopia, egestate, humili- " tate, nihil contemptius.Provided by Worldwide popular SInhala Movies - Sinhala Films website Visitisit us frequently to watch your favorite latest videos. And from faithful collections thence, I have endeavoured to make further discoveries of these very weighty concerns. " Dated at Bruges, the 18th day of September, 1514.

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