Recovery singles dating

While she recognizes she’s not a therapist, she was on ground-zero when online dating began and has a few tips for how to meet people in the digital world.

Her first piece of advice is not to rely too much on texting.

“I built the site because there was a huge need for it in the gay community,” said Robin De Luca, Sober Gay Dating’s Founder.

“We have so many members who have signed up and are ready to meet people just like them.” She said once word got out in the LGBT community about the prospect of connecting with others who are also drug- and alcohol-free, membership rates began to take off.

All you have to do is provide your basic information, create a username, and get started.

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Sober Gay Dating facilitates a process where people can create bonds based on shared beliefs and experiences.

She said spending day after day communicating without meeting in person or talking on the phone could be a mistake.

“It’s important to see if you are telephonically compatible,” she said. People misconstrue things and people want to hear the intonations of voice. You usually know as soon as you see each other if this is somebody you’ll be interested in.” But that doesn’t mean it’s all about looks. If you lock yourself into a long meeting and it’s not working, you have to fumble through the awkward “find an excuse to leave” dilemma or just grin and bear it.

Fortunately, for sober daters in the LGBT community, there’s a solution.

Sober Gay is a dating site where gay adults can turn to meet others who are also in AA, NA, or other 12-step programs for support, friendship, and love.

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