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This format gives each map the space it needs on a single page, to allow the detail, often including hand-written annotations and depictions of individual people, houses, cartouches and other embellishments, to come out clearly.The paper is also uncoated, giving a slightly rough, traditional map feel.The book has been created in partnership with Spitalfields Life, a long-running local blog for the area, and is published today.The book is impressively large, each individual page being landscape A3 size.The pins are grouped together as projects, or collections.The map itself can be adjusted, from a standard basemap, to various historical maps of London, including the high-resolution Victorian Ordnance Survey maps of the capital that were scanned by the National Library of Scotland.This is a historic “data” map, the colours depicting different land types.

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This effort, being carried out by school pupils in a number of London schools, is gradually working across London from the east.We feature three of these maps here – at the top is a map by William Knight from 1700 of “Towns, Villages, Gentlemen’s Houses for 20 Miles round London”, it shows that Turn(h)am Green has been around for far longer than the tube station which bears its name.Above is a land-use map drawn by Milne a hundred years later, in 1800.Connections with mainline rail are shown beside the relevant station with small curly lines, with the operator name written just below them in a smaller text.This being a 1920s map, the classic “flowery” touches are present, such as the sweeping serifs of the font, waves on the...

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