Terminology for older women dating younger men george lopez show dubya dad and dating part 1

This girl is what I call in my terminology a Type 2 VYW.

Check the glossary for more details, but it essentially means she’s a younger women who’s into older men.

By doing this, they are damaging the very traits that attract the Type 2 women to them.

If you’re an older guy and want to date younger women the best thing you can do is to .

), but you must carefully calibrate your game so as to make it easy for these Type 2’s to notice you and respond well to you when you open them.Many older guys, when trying to attract much younger women, will purposely try to look and act younger.These guys are making a huge mistake and I’m constantly trying to correct them.I have vast experience with much younger women, and this simple picture nicely demonstrated many things about this wonderful animal, the Type 2 VYW.The comments on the photo were also very entertaining, not only from what she was saying (and doing) but the reaction from her other young friends, some of which was positive as you might imagine. This is not only a masculine trait, but a trait that clearly signals “OLDER guy”.

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