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The endings of many of the episodes have a plot twist that can either make the fandom love the episode and find it funny or go bananas and criticize it.Originally intended for children, South Park unexpectedly gained a large following among adult audiences, and has since become infamous for its sophisticated wit, as well as its sharp, biting satire focused on a diverse range of targets—although more often than not, liberals, Canadians, and celebrities who need to shut up.Finally it's said that he would possess the unique copy of the famous robot Awesome-O (who's actually Cartman, of course), able to pee and prune the pencils (but not the pipes on the other hand). I've got something in my front pocket for you~ What what in the butt. All characters and events in this show---even those based on real people---are entirely fictional. According to Parker, this was originally intended as a form of the Pandora Technique, in which a work is made extremely popular because it was advertised as being too vulgar for anybody to watch it.It's highly believed by the fans that he might be gay or at least bi-curious but he doesn't even know what the word gay means and is too innocent for that. Pip, whose real name is Phillip Pirrup, is another scapegoat and abnormally polite and kind character who is hated by the creators of the show but loved by the fans. In fact, a few crew members actually died of laughter and arousal after watching the pilot episode, forcing Comedy Central to include the disclaimer.As soon as nightfall approaches Butters joins the ranks of Supervillains, with General Disarray by his side and dons the foil costume of Professor Chaos! Unlike most isolated rural communities, South Park contains a highly diverse range of cultures and ethnicities, and most importantly, good old-fashioned white people.(a clever mix between Fatalis and Magneto from the Marvel Universe) He then performs demonic acts like mixing the soup bowls of the Chinese restaurant, or even trying to drown the whole world with a watering hose. MAJOR SPOILER -Crushed to death by the giant robotic foot of Mecha-Streisand. Unfortunately he barely has anything unique about him whatsoever, making him a pretty forgettable character. Imagine bringing a character back just to kill him off. A full list containing all of the population's names and their corresponding ethnic background can be found in South Park resident Eric Cartman's school project paper, Mein Kampf gegen die Juden. The following program contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone.

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Secretly he is the fairest princess in the land but can be a good Batman reject too.

Kenny Mc Cormick is the token working-class kid, the pervert with a loud mind and the survivor of anything you can think of.

He is the generally timid, kind-hearted and extremely protective yet sometimes harsh hero of the show.

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South Park is an American animated educational television series created by closeted sociopaths Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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