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However, despite her good looks she admits the path to find love has not always been smooth.“When my friends were all getting engaged and building houses, the panic began to set in,” she said. I know a lot of people in the industry who are using the app.I was initially wary about going on Tinder so my friends downloaded it for me.Unfortunately, some men feel that because they’re hiding behind a screen they have the right to speak to you however they like.”The 34-year-old’s picture was also met with judgemental comments.“Somebody sent me a message saying that I looked like ‘very high maintenance’.”“That annoyed me because this person didn’t know me but had already summed me up just with a photograph,” said Liz.While she emphasised that she is a strong person, she fears that others subjected to abuse on Tinder may experience confidence issues.“It’s sad that people work up the courage to put themselves out there only to be let down like that.You hear so many harrowing stories of Tinder dates that I’m glad to have never found myself in a compromising position.I was one of the lucky ones.”Liz has since found love with a man who she met through mutual friends.“He had also come off Tinder as he hadn’t had great experiences with it either. I don’t have any regrets as I know that the path I took eventually led me to where I am today.”Liz acknowledges that she has many friends who have had positive experiences with dating apps.“I’m also a make-up artist and a lot of my clients are brides who found their husbands through the app so there are a lot of success stories too.”Liz’s warning follows Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone’s call for the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan to consider including a provision for judges to order all sex offenders not to use the apps in the new Sex Offenders (Amendment) Bill.Mizen Head is the southernmost point on mainland Ireland.The lighthouse has been transformed into the Mizen Vision Visitor Centre with information on the history of the lighthouse and the area in general.

A salt water lake, Lough Hyne (or Ine) contains rare sea life and is Ireland's only Marine Wildlife Reserve.

The island is known for its Bird Observatory and is a good spot for watching out for whales, dolphins, leatherback turtles, sun fish and shark.

The island holds an Annual Storytelling Festival, but unofficial sessions break out regularly in the local pubs.

There are many archaelogical ruins, from the Neolithic through the Bronze ages.

There are ruins of two medieval castles, O'Mahony and O'Driscoll, the dominant clans of the period.

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