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Beware of our ID (personal information and photo of yourself) in order not to be misused for impersonation by CROSS NATIONAL CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS. I started searching because that man Ryan asked me for money. I do think it is very bad for Scott and his family that his pictures are being misused sodo not give money to people - never do. Tommy Pieoro on Zoosk under the name of Simon which he claimed was his middle name. There was another profile and all pics were the ones I have of my doctor, but are deleted a day after I asked him about the different profiles and said he had been hacked. Yes, I not believe it a scam, but I sure don't want it do be.

I had to report this because I find it so bad what happened. Last thing, he said he didn't get a monthly salary, but received an allowance and all his monies from his contracts as being in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and was in securities and couldn't get it until his 3 years contract was up next August, and also have 20 years with UNHHC, as doctors without borders and retire with them.

He is also having hard communication with his son because his son's phone broke and he is having a hard time getting him new one because he just gets an allowance, and right now he has to use his guardian's computer at boarding school. Mar 31, 2018Ratingstarstarstarstarstar correct gmail address by: Anonymous Dr David Williams gmail address should be [email protected] 31, 2018Ratingstarstarstarstarstar Clever scammer by: Anonymous This Dr David Williams (spell with a S) uses this email address, [email protected] all his corespondent and he will give you this United Nations email address,[email protected] you to claim his 12.5 millions (USD) contract money working for the UN and United states government with a three year contract from 2017 in refugee camps in Aleppo in Syria.

He is definitely not on the UN lists of doctors working in Syria.

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This week's episode offers viewers a never before seen look into Dwayne Pride's background and introduces fans to a new member of the Pride family.

When I said I told you this stuff he said that he went back through the text and I had not. Assigned in the followinng countries - Syria - Afghanistan - Irag - Indonesia/Malaysia - UK - Nigeria 7. In the private emails, John Power talks to you about the company run by his parents and a brother is in financial problems due to the recession in the US and his family has decided to fire employees who had worked for them for some time and also neibours in the community: John Power also tells you about his dream to have animal sanctuaries for rescued livestock animals after retiment from the airline.

I started keeping track of who I told things to and realized he must be another person I was speaking to. INVESTMENT may sound much better than being asked just for money for the reasons of: my old mother is ill and medicare costs a lot; get me out from the warzone, I love to see my child at a boarding and and introduce you right away. The whole time I kept thinking that for being a doctor he couldn't write good sentences. No doubt the next step would have been to send money.

When I mentioned that I cannot find his practice in Canada he then stated he was a dr working with the UN and he was sorry I didn't understand him. He will meet you as soon as possible and getmarried You will find that:8' Scammers always want to go "hang out" shortly after you met on the dating site or SNS in order to get out of monitoring by the administrator of the site or notices from other users of SNS. for the future of you and his child, CHARITY is also a tool to hook you (e.g. Ladies, you should imagine there are culprits behind Mr. A perpetrator may work together with a company or is a member of gangsters/mafia. Not asked for money yet, but same story single father, child at boarding school and a widow. He is also called Wilson Scott with a dozen fake profiles and same details with different date of birth. I shared with her the story of a man who reached out to be my friend. He uses the name Victor George, but in the letter that I am supposed to send to the U. Digital contents can be duplicated, processed and distributed so easily.

When I asked what site I could verify his practice he suggested google hangout. That's not a site for professionals - idiots With regard to the coment how to catch a scammer:8. protection of enviroment, save children in need, shelters for unfortunate animals). If you Google it has a lot of information from actual people who are in the US military. If something sounds too good to be true, believe it. Hi, Look out for Robert Sean operating on instagram robertsean922 and Twitter @robertsean20. Falls in love very easily, sounded Nigerian on the phone call he made to me. He is also called Richard Terry and William Bellor The same story surgeon working in Syria with wife killed and a son or daughter at boarding school some where in the States. Robert Jones says he is a neurosurgeon with in in Iraq. Told her that within 2 days he asked me to switch over to Hangouts. N., his wife died, (though he never said how), has a 14 yr. for emergency leave so he can come home to marry me. Perpetrators may abuse photos taken from victims for another crime: making fake IDs (personalinformation you've given could be more valuable for impostor), used for a scam by means of stolen pics.

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