Who is ace from american idol dating

Despite the fact that they both spent this past season catapulted into the spotlight, they managed to keep their personal relationship private. During the last 15 minutes of the show, Hutchinson spilled the beans to Seacrest.

I have never seen anyone with such a natural stage presence like his either… Cade earned 20 percent of votes while Gabby earned a whopping 31 percent.

”Cade and Gabby have managed to make it into the Top 10 and both received very high votes on the latest episode.

Gabby had the sweetest reply when asked what they would do if it came to that. ”Both Cade and Gabby have been getting lots of attention for their performances and the thought of the two becoming the last contestants on American Idol this season is exciting due to their blooming romance.“It should be very interesting if they get in the top two because they are for sure falling in love because they were in a constant flirtation with each other,” the eyewitness continued.

The pair made sure that their special day will have lots of personal elements to it as well — including their first song, which they co-wrote together eight months ago, appropriately-titled "I Do." "We wrote ' I Do,' and the first listen all the way through, we’re both looking at the monitor screen, sobbing," Young recalled to Us.

"Right when we’re done, we look at each other and Diana goes, ' I think this one is…' and I said, ' I know.' It was done." PHOTOS: Idol makeovers The pair, who also wrote their own vows for the ceremony, told Us of other little details they did to make their big day memorable — custom-made suits for the groomsmen, white cowboy boots for the bridesmaids, and not one, but two five-tier cakes from The Butter End in Santa Monica, Calif. Vanilla and Aunt Edie's Banana Chocolate Chip.

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